This is your time to enjoy from, and I'm your private tour guide, therefore- we can do whatever you choose to do according to your time, your abilities and your fields of interest. The options below are listed in order to give you some ideas about things to do in Jerusalem – Of course- you can choose other things, and you can combine sites from different days.

This is your vacation and I'm at your service!!

Jerusalem itineraries

A classic old city tour 
The old city of Jerusalem is only 1 KM2 – yet it's the home of some of the holiest places in the world for Jews, Christians and Muslims. We'll enter through the Jaffa gate and visit the 4 quarters- Jewish, Moslem, Christian & Armenian. We'll visit the Western wall, mount Zion with the room of the last supper & King David's tomb, the rooftops in the middle of the city, the church of the Holy sepulcher- Holiest place in the world for most of Christianity. 
A Christian tour - In the footsteps of Jesus
 In the holiest city in the world for Christianity. We can visit some of the sites related to the life of Jesus, including his last days, hours, and also his afterlife (After the resurrection).We can start by walking down the slopes of the Mount of olives and visit the Gethsemane church.  Walking along the stations of the Cross in the Via Dolorosa. And then we can proceed to a detailed tour in the complicated complex of the church of the Holy sepulcher.  
The new city – Starting in the middle of the 19th century – People started to leave the safe, yet the overcrowded perimeter between the walls and to build new neighborhoods outside- We'll visit the first Jewish neighborhood – Mishkenot Sha'ananim including the famous windmill , we'll walk in the Me'ah Shearim ultra- orthodox Jewish  neighborhood which includes also beautiful non-Jewish institutions. We'll visit the colorful Ma'hane Yehuda market- the Main food market in the city. 
Where everything started  - An adventurous archeological tour
 As one of the oldest cities in the world we can visit some manmade remains that will take us to ancient time. We'll start from the City of David national park and see the remains of the city from the 1st temple era- including- walking through an almost 4000 years old water systems. We'll walk up the hill through a 2000 years old street and a drainage canal until we reach the foundations of the temple mount- the site of the 2nd temple. 
A special Mt. Herzl & Yad Vashem tour